RYCO Relationship

BL Shipway has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with RYCO, having been selected as RYCO's sole South Australian Distributors over 40 years ago. The solid relationship developed many years ago by the previous generation of both companies has become even stronger with today's generation of the two privately owned  companies.

RYCO Quality

RYCO Hydraulics is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Requirements by NATA Certification Services International (NCSI Registration No 7029) and ISO 9002 Quality Systems for Production and Installation by the Department of Defence (Australia). Company Policy is to supply products and services that meet or exceed our industry standards. These standards include SAE, EN (DIN), AS, ISO, JIS, BS and BCS. The bottom line to Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) is customer confidence and customer satisfaction.

RYCO Design/R&D

RYCO Hydraulics Research and Development test facilities provide their design teams with the resources they require to continually improve their product to surpass the performance standards as demanded by our customers and today’s industry. RYCO Hydraulics product range is continually expanding, providing improved efficiency, higher working pressures and increased safety standards. RYCO designs their product for tomorrow's requirements, today.

Technology, Efficiency, Capacity

RYCO's aim is zero defects.

RYCO Product Identification

All RYCO Hydraulics products are clearly branded with a unique RYCO Hydraulics part number and batch code, where practical. In today's quality conscious world, RYCO 's invaluable batch coding system takes traceability and customer assurance to new levels. Not everyone is an expert in thread identification. Time and money are often wasted in identifying goods and selecting the wrong item. Using clearly branded RYCO products reduces the chance of error, saving you time and money.

If it's not branded, it's not RYCO.


The RYCO Hydraulics range of spiral and wire braided hydraulic hoses includes:

  •     RYCO AVENGER The Smart Choice
  •     RYCO DIEHARD Hose That Won't Say Die
  •     RYCO SURVIVOR When the Heat is On
  •     RYCO SLIDER Give Abrasion the Slip

RYCO Fittings

The RYCO Hydraulics fitting range includes the technically superior RYCO one-piece and two-piece Bitelok couplings, straight and forged adaptors. Improve the safety of your hose assembly by matching RYCO Hose to RYCO fittings. With increasing demand for higher operating pressures it is reassuring to know that RYCO matched hose and fittings not only comply with, but exceed SAE and DIN standards.

RYCO Product Authenticity

Hydraulic hose from one manufacturer is usually not compatible with fittings supplied by another manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the hose assembly fabricator to consult the manufacturer's written assembly instructions or the manufacturers directly before intermixing hose and fittings from two manufacturers. Similarly, assembly equipment from one manufacturer is usually not interchangeable with that of another manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the hose assembly fabricator to consult the manufacturer's written instructions or the manufacturers directly for the proper assembly equipment. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper preparation of hose assemblies. A golden rule – don’t mix and match different brands of hose and fittings. Today’s litigious environment makes this a dangerous practice. 

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